Beachside Gardens

Beachside Gardens
Artist: Chestnut Creek Pottery
3725 E. U.S. Hwy 12 
Michigan City, IN 
(219) 879-8878 or (888) 801-8878

Beachside Gardens will be hosting various local and guest artists. 

Chris Harnung has been making pottery since 2005. He produces the majority on the potter's wheel, but some is handbuilt. He produces and creates his own clays and glazes and uses an electric kiln. Harnung's colors range from earthen-tones to blues to greens, and he is always experimenting with new glaze formulations. Chris fires to cone 7 over 2,000 degrees farenheit!

Chris Harnung loves to take time to show visitors how pottery is made. Watch him at his wheel as he throws pots and describes the process.

Artist Information: 
   Chris Harnung 
   2556 Portage Mall 
   Portage, IN 46368
   (219) 331-5411 |